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Toolkit Shelf

This Toolkit Shelf is a one-stop shop for various materials authored by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). It contains the templates, guides, handouts, and video tutorials that CTL has created for the Bloomberg School of Public Health. You will also find links to these resources on the various pages of this website.

You're encouraged to familiarize yourself with all the guidelines on this page, however if you prefer to jump between topics please use the anchor menus below. (Use the floating "return to top" button to get back to these menus.)


CTL advises that all Bloomberg School online lectures be developed using the School’s PowerPoint template (in .potx format). For guidance on using this template to make an accessible document, please refer to the Sample PowerPoint [.pptx]  and the PDF documents 5 Tips for Using CTL's PowerPoint Template and PowerPoint Best Practices Checklist. These best practices embed techniques for maintaining accessible documents. You can also talk to your instructional designer and refer to our suggestions for Best Practices for Asynchronous Lectures for further details.

PPT Templates




Student Handouts
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