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We support the development of lifelong learning opportunities for a wide variety of internal and external audiences, including:

  • Massive open online courses (MOOCs)

  • Teach-outs (short courses targeting specific, timely topics, whose learning outcomes are focused on immediate application and action)

  • Multi-MOOC sequential courses

  • On-demand training (self-paced, stand-alone training with little to no instructor involvement or peer interaction)

  • Cohort-based online courses

Courses may be hosted on Coursera, FutureLearn, or CoursePlus. A comparison of the course formats, including the platform(s) used for each, is in the following table.

Comparison Criteria
Multi-MOOC sequence
On-demand training
Cohort-based online courses
In-demand topics for skill building and personal growth
Issue-based learning experience
To demonstrate deeper proficiency on a given topic
Self-paced learning for targeted audiences
For groups that wish to progress through content at the same pace
Learning duration
3 to 5 weeks
1 to 4 hours
3+ courses
Can be tailored to training needs
Typically 3 to 5 weeks, but can be tailored to training needs
Cost to learner
<<Freemium>>* enrollment
Freemium subscription
Free or paid
Free or paid
Certificate of completion offered
Learning platform
Coursera, FutureLearn, CoursePlus
Coursera, FutureLearn
Coursera, FutureLearn
CoursePlus, Coursera (Private offerings of stand-alone MOOCs)

*Freemium courses let you sign up and review most content for free, but have supplementary features that may require payment from the learner.

Email us to schedule a meeting to determine which platform is best suited to your course or training needs.

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