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Course Approval Process

Before you begin the course approval process, please refer to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Key Dates and Deadlines and consult with your department's academic coordinator about department deadlines, curriculum committees, and potential overlap with existing courses. In addition, faculty should be mindful of the steps toward successful course development.

Speak with Your Department

Speak with your department chair and curriculum committee representative and gain consensus for your planned course, keeping in mind the need and competencies. 

Contact the CTL Director

If you are planning an online or blended course and have your department's backing, contact the director of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) with your ideas and plans and the term you plan to offer the course.

Submit a Course Proposal

Faculty should follow the policies and deadlines for the course approval process. Please review the resources related to submissions to the Committee for Academic Standards. Keep in mind the various course formats available at the Bloomberg School, as well as the CAS System Deadlines (login required) for course proposals. If you plan to offer a fully online or blended course, you or your department must contact the CTL director.  

Work with an Instructional Designer

Once CTL has agreed to assist in the development of your course, if you are offering a fully online or blended course, a CTL instructional designer will be assigned to work with you on your syllabus, assessments, teaching strategies, and course content design. For all other course formats, please contact CTL to schedule a consultation.

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