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Scheduling with CTL

CTL provides services that need be scheduled in advance. These include LiveTalks plus recording sessions with CTL’s professional audio and video production teams. This page helps you to navigate the process. If you need to schedule a different type of appointment with CTL, you can reach out to 


Only CTL Staff can add LiveTalks as items in the CoursePlus Schedule Builder so they appear on the LiveTalk page of an online course. Whether faculty self-run LiveTalks (the default) or Multimedia-supported sessions, these sessions must be scheduled by the faculty team. A guide to using our scheduling service is available


Faculty Self-run LiveTalks

For most LiveTalks, faculty teams are responsible scheduling and hosting their sessions, plus setting up the actual meetings in their own licensed Zoom accounts. The full set of Instructions for Faculty Self-Run LiveTalks is available. When you are ready to schedule a LiveTalk, use the link below:

Faculty Self-run LiveTalk Scheduling Page

Multimedia-supported LiveTalks

Courses with large enrollment – over 300 – are provided multimedia support for their LiveTalks. (This is sometimes also available by special request.) For these sessions, use the link below when you are ready to schedule:

Multimedia Supported LiveTalk Scheduling Page

Audio and Video Recordings

CTL provides professional audio and video recordings as a part of our lecture production process. It is important that speakers meet our recording timelines for content development. We also produce audio and video work for special projects, including MOOCs and Training courses. Discuss the recording timelines for special projects with the Open Education Team.


Audio Recordings

Audio recordings, most often a part of a “voice-over-PowerPoint” – or narrated PowerPoint – learning activity, are supported by our Audio Producers (APs). After discussing the recording with your instructional designer, you can use the following link to schedule your recording with the AP team:

Audio Recording Scheduling Page

Video Recordings

Video recordings, be it on-location, in a production studio, or virtual must also be scheduled through CTL. We are in the process of developing a self-serve scheduling option for the initial consultation, but for now we ask that you contact your instructional designer.

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