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CTL Production Teams

Faculty primarily work with an instructional designer at the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) throughout the course development process, but when producing course lecture content, they also have the opportunity to work with audio and/or video producers. Lectures are then refined by audio editors, technical writers, and medical illustrators, and finally reviewed by quality control specialists. All of this is part of  the overall production cycle for a course. 


After sharing a plan for recorded course content with an instructional designer, the faculty schedule an appointment with a producer to create the lecture content for a course. The Center for Teaching and Learning has both audio producers and video producers, depending on the type of lecture being recorded.

Audio Producers

Audio producers record standard audio + PowerPoint presentations as well as other types of audio projects, such as interviews. They provide faculty with both audio and content guidance as they record.

Video Producers

The video producers meet with faculty to choose the best video format for the content. They provide creative support as faculty create videos for their course.

Behind the Scenes

After recording, a lot goes on behind the scenes to create the high-quality course content to which the students at Bloomberg School of Public Health are accustomed.

Audio Editors

Audio editors edit the recording after it is completed in the studio. They remove any background sounds, retakes, or stutters.

Technical Writers

Technical writers at CTL revise and optimize all lecture slides. They reformat slides using the Bloomberg School’s slide template, verify content citations, and apply principles of Universal Design for Learning to guarantee accessible materials for all students.

Medical Illustrators

Medical illustrators can create custom illustrations for course materials, including graphics, timelines, flow charts, and graphs.

Web Developers

The web developers at CTL upload the lectures to CoursePlus and manage the technical aspects of hosting the lecture materials on the course site.

Quality Control Specialists

Quality control specialists review all produced content and online course sites to catch errors or inconsistencies before materials are visible to students.

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