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Joshua Francisco

Open Course Support Specialist

Joshua Francisco joined the Center for Teaching and Learning as an Open Course Support Specialist at the end of 2022. Previously, he was in a teacher residency training program with Urban Teachers under their former partnership with the Johns Hopkins School of Education, during which time he became a graduate student worker in the instructional design team for the school. He has studied data analytics, computer science, cognitive science, and education. Throughout Joshua's studies, his focus has been on how to integrate interdisciplinary knowledge into innovations in education towards equity and disciplinary advancement. He has several years of research experience in education ranging from project-based curricula to inquiry-based learning in computer environments for multilingual populations, as well as in underserved communities, to education public policy around school response to natural disasters and factors of higher education satisfaction among multicultural, first-generation college students. Joshua's passion is his work and his work is his passion because, as he states, "I believe in the transformative impact education can have for each and every one, their families, and, especially, their respective communities."

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