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Lu Chi

Instructional Designer

Lu joined the CTL instructional design team in July 2020. She supports the continued improvement and maintenance of the Bloomberg School’s online programs through course design, course and program evaluations, and course revisions. She also assists with faculty and teaching assistant (TA) development by, for example, leading technical trainings for faculty and TAs, and faciliating the TA training course. In 2021, she joined the ID2ID Peer Mentoring Program through EDUCAUSE and completed the Ignite tier, and beginning in 2021, she co-led the CTL Teaching Toolkit website revamping project. Lu also co-facilitated the School of Education Mentorship: International Teaching and Global Leadership Cohort (IGTL) on the VR application in education using the Engage VR.

Prior to joining CTL, Lu gained a lot of experience teaching Mandarin, both in person and online, in China, Thailand, and the US. She also worked as a teacher education administrative assistant at Upper Iowa University and as an online Chinese instructor for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Her research interests focus on interactive e-learning and the applications of augmented and virtual reality in higher education. She holds a BA in Chinese language and literature from Henan University and an MS in instructional design and technology from Western Illinois University.

Lu Chi
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