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Technology Integration

This Toolkit will discusses technology integration beyond back-end databases and delivery platforms.

Technology is integrated into all courses by the simple nature of our digital world. This Toolkit, however, discusses its integration beyond back-end databases and delivery platforms. Here, “technology integration” refers not to grading or registration systems, but to personal, instructional (also referred to as educational), and assistive technologies where they meet the students: in the course design and facilitation. This integration should be intentional, with the aim of helping students succeed in meeting the objectives, goals, and competencies of their programs and become better-equipped lifelong learners.

Personal vs. Instructional vs. Assistive Technologies

The lines between personal, instructional (educational), and assistive technologies are not clear cut. Learn more about the distinctions on the page linked above.

Integrating Technology into Your Courses

Visit this overview, linked above, regarding integrating technology into your course.

Get Help Using Technology

When integrating technology into your instruction, it is important to know where to go for help. To this end, we offer information on Technology Support at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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