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Technology Support

Whether you are in a classroom wondering why a touch panel controller is not working or trying to set up a group activity in VoiceThread, the last thing you want to feel is helpless. This page presents the support options for those systems and devices that the university supports.


BSPH (Formerly JHSPH) ID

A BSPH ID and password are required to access certain resources on the Bloomberg School’s servers, as well as to connect to campus wireless networks. To manage your account (e.g., to register or reset a password), start with the Account Management page. For more assistance, call the Bloomberg School’s help desk at 410-955-3781 or visit the office in room W3014 of the Wolfe Street building.

JHED ID (Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory Identification)

This is the identity that is used to log into CoursePlus as well as several enterprise resources, including the Johns Hopkins University Portal, Johns Hopkins Microsoft accounts, and Panopto. Contact the University’s IT Help Desk or by calling 410-955-HELP (410-955-4357) for JHED ID help.

Online Tools and Applications


Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Help and the instructional design team provide support for the CoursePlus learning management system. Please see the CoursePlus support section on the Overview of CoursePlus page for full details, including links to the CoursePlus Help Guide and help request submission form.

CTL Help staff endeavor to answer tech support emails within two business hours (Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. Eastern time).

Email and Microsoft Accounts (Including Microsoft Office, OneDrive, and Teams)

Those seeking help with any Johns Hopkins Microsoft account (Outlook email, Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, etc.) should contact Johns Hopkins Information Technologies (IT) Services for support: report a problem online or call 410-516-HELP (410-516-4357).


Faculty are asked to submit e-Reserves requests through the Welch Library. An overview of how to set up e-Reserves is available on the Welch Library site. The Bloomberg School contact for any topic related to e-Reserves, including technical support, is Christopher Henry (

CTL Help will refer students to faculty for support with e-Reserves.


Anyone with a JHED ID can access Panopto directly by logging into the site, and selecting “Shibboleth” if prompted. However, not everyone has creator access to the site, which is necessary to download the software and also assigns a personal or class folder where videos can be uploaded. If you are unable to download the software or need help with the software or the Panopto website, submit a request to Bloomberg IT Services (login required), selecting “I need a new service.”

Poll Everywhere

For support issues not found on the Poll Everywhere support videos site, students and faculty should start by contacting CTL Help. Often, they will be referred to a CTL instructional technologist, who will try to resolve any issues, including upgrades to pro-level accounts by request, before reaching out to the company’s main contact for support.


Turnitin is available through a Johns Hopkins enterprise subscription. For new accounts, Bloomberg School faculty should contact Brian Klaas ( For technical support with issues not addressed by the Turnitin Support Center, faculty should contact


Anyone with a JHED ID can access the Johns Hopkins VoiceThread enterprise account directly by logging into the site. To upgrade an account from basic to pro, contact CTL Help or an instructional designer. For trouble logging in or difficulty using the site, students and faculty should contact the University’s VoiceThread support at

Note that beginning in July 2022, VoiceThread implemented a new policy for inactive accounts. If an account has no activity (i.e., no comments  made, nor presentations created) and is not accessed for a year, it will be automatically archived and then deleted. The automatic archiving happens after two years of no activity if the account owner has created content (presentations or comments) at some point. If someone wants to ensure their account is not archived nor deleted, they simply need to sign in at least one time each year.


Faculty can contact CTL Help, who may refer them to a CTL instructional technologist to answer questions and provide training resources. For system issues (log in or other), CTL recommends the user contact Johns Hopkins Zoom support. Students should always contact

On-Campus Technologies

Bloomberg School Printers

An overview of the on-campus printing, scanning and copying services is available on the IT Office’s Print, Scan, Copy page

If you are having difficulty with a printer (signing in, paper jam, etc.) and the printer has an HP label on it, or you want to download and install the printer drivers that will let you connect to the campus printers, open an MPS (Managed Printer Service) service request. If the printer does not have an HP sticker, contact the Bloomberg School’s IT Help Desk at 410-955-3781 or open a help call.

Classroom Audiovisual Technologies

The Bloomberg IT Multimedia support team (410-955-3066) assists with all Wolfe Street and Hampton House audiovisual services. Please see the On-Campus Technologies page for further details.

See the Classroom Support page for more on the Multimedia team services.

Classroom and Computer Labs

For specific queries, faculty should use the Course & Non-Course Related Event Request Form or call the Scheduling Office (443-287-5198). Melissa Horn ( is the course management coordinator.

Computer labs can be scheduled using this special Computer Labs Scheduling Request Form.

For difficulties with classroom or lab computers, contact the Bloomberg IT Help Desk at 410-955-3781 or open a help call.

Network Connections @ BSPH

An overview of Bloomberg School wired and wireless (secured, guest, and authenticated guest) network access is presented on the Network Access page. For difficulties connecting to the School’s networks, contact the Bloomberg IT Help Desk at 410-955-3781.

Johns Hopkins Wireless, VPN, and Voicemail Support

All support for on-campus network connections beyond Bloomberg School of Public Health buildings starts on the Johns Hopkins IT Services’ Networking/Getting Connected page.

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