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Recording with CTL

Recording content with the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) professional recording studios results in the highest video and audio quality available to Bloomberg School faculty. CTL consists of instructional designers, technical writers, audio producers and editors, illustrators, videographers, and web developers who are here to help faculty create excellent, engaging, and accessible course content.

Recording Deadlines

Because a lot goes into preparing and producing professional recordings, there are deadlines for each academic term to ensure that materials are completely produced and quality-checked before opening to students. The exact dates for each academic term can be found on the Recording Timelines page. Please note that CTL cannot guarantee full production of lectures recorded after our stated deadlines. In the event that a deadline is missed, faculty can work with their instructional designer to determine the best course of action, including self-serve recording options.

Professional Video Recording

CTL Video Demo Reel

(Note: audio consists only of music sound loop.)

The CTL professional video recording studio can capture a variety of video formats, including:

  • One or more speakers

    • Course/topic introductions, interviews, roundtable discussions, debates, etc.

  • On-location and 360 video filming

    • Research lab tutorials, location tours, environments, experiences, etc.

Professional Audio Recording

CTL Audio Studio Tour

The CTL professional audio recording studio can capture high-quality audio for:

  • Podcast-style narratives

  • Interviews and conversations

  • Narrated lectures

The CTL professional video and audio recording studios currently support both in-person and remote/virtual recording options.

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